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gretel said - i know what's in your head, jumping from bed to bed, you cunthole bitch.

hello. it's a rainy afternoon in the small town of quispamsis new brunswick.
i'm at my parents house. it's extremely boring here but i'm still awkwardly happy to be here. my brother is flicking through the channels trying to find anything to watch that's more entertaining than those house repair/makeover shows that just are all the same - and therefore fucking boring. my mom has gone to sussex to try to convince my grandfather/her dad to move into one of those old folks home things. he doesn't want to, i don't blame him, but he had to have his leg amputated due to some sort of circulation problem or something and it's hard for a ninety year old man cursed to a wheel chair to live all alone. i don't know what my dad is doing. his taxes i think.
i have five cats now. it's wonderful and horrible all at the same time.
my newest edition is a little black n' white kitten i have named "deacon", he only has three feet. I feel so bad for him but he doesn't seem to care.
i've been really fucking depressed lately. i want my boyfriend to just leave. i care about him, and it would be painful getting over him, but i think he's an asshole pothead to the extreme that he doesn't go to work or pay his bills - all his money goes to weed. it's not cool. it's beyond not cool.
i am getting sick of paying his rent but my mom made a good point - if i kick him out than it will be just me and my roomate josh living in our apartment and joshs girlfriend is probably won't want us living alone together so she'll force his to leave - than i'll be all alone with expensive rent and five cats and four rats. live is so fucking stupid right now. i just wish i could shoot it and grow a new one. :)
MaLiCe XxX
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