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h0micidal wh0re

mary had a little lamb
she shot it in the head
she watched it bleed and watched it scream
and now the lamb is dead

See Mary was a Sadist
she'd cum the more the blood
the fucking slut would rape a girl
then choke her till shed numb

One day mary came to play with me
we played with guns and knives
i carved my name into her chest
and held her while she cried

Now Mary played my masochist
though it was all pretend
i beat her face into the ground
laughing as shed condesend

I Fucked mary with the lights on
I ripped her back to shreds
I fucked her till her skin turned pale
eyes rolled behind her head

I fucked Mary until my heart fell out
she crept inside me, going deep
she pinned me up against her
screaming i love you as i weeped

see Mary is my Sadist
shes the better half of me
shes homicidal, suicidal
implusive and care free

See Mary she's my soulmate
shes the only whore for me
the tricks, a bitch and confident
she's more than i could ever be


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