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don't touch me, i'm not beautiful
i fake it all with lies---
i faked the way i'd grin at you
and how i never cried
i faked the make up that i wore
the curls done in my hair
i faked the good times that i had
how i'd pretend to care
I faked the straights A's that i got
the boyfriends that i'd fuck
I faked the cheers in which i'd chant
the singing with the ruck
i faked the happy life i had
the perfect day i'd lead
I faked the feelings that i showed
except the times i'd bleed
I faked the way i slit my wrists
the way my body shook
i faked the liquor that i drank
and all the pills i took
I faked the vomit on the floor
the blood upon the wall
i faked the bullet in my head
the final goodbye call
i faked the way i hung myself
the dress you found me in
i faked the way my heart slowed down
dull color of my skin
i faked the pain you now have seen
how i begain to die
i faked the final breath breathed in
the sorrow in my eyes

...its funny how perceptions work...

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this rocks. i love it. <3