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poor unfortunate soul, it's sad, but true.

once upon a time, i woke up and felt like all my dreams were reality, but they weren't, they were more like nightmares. unreal. but much more entertaining than the everyday life, of anyone. especailly a dog tied up in some hicks back yard with a tipped waterdish. it's sad really that that is something i have seen.
why don't you go adopt a pet?
and make sure you fucking neuter/spay it,
i watched a dog get "put to sleep" yesterday on tv.
he was a boxer, he was gorgeous, he was gentle, he spent his last days moping in a cold, damp, lonely, kennel.
you know maybe if the lady down the street from that animal shelter had have neutered/spayed her dog, then the proud owner of her dogs puppy would have went to the animal shelter and adopted the dog that was "put to sleep".
that dog deserved life.
but instead he never had a chance.
my cousin bred her dog. i think she's a stupid bitch now.
i don't even want to talk to her.
her dog have 4 puppies,
so there goes 4 homes.
why doesn't anyone do something about this?
i would,
but i'm not rich, or famous, or whatever you need to be to get anyones attention, maybe i should get a boob job, think people would listen to me then?
whatever it takes assholes,
whatever is takes!!!!

somethings we lose, others we just give away.

who the hell am i??????
well who the hell are you??????

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