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save me

Once upon a time in the valley of death where junkies and alchys would play, out of the ruin a girl had arise, her beauty had long been astray... with slits on her legs and trace her face and bruises all over her arms, she screamed like a song bird, cracking each word, her prayer ringing like an alarm... hair was all tangled, her waist was to thin, her sent was of rain and decay, her eyes were all blood shot, her teeth were a mess and her skin was a pale yellow gray... this beauty came fourth, she held out her hand, she presented me with a small gift... a half wilted petal ,perhaps from a rose, with blood on the rim of the tip... she walked back to shadows, back into the dark, back into the place labeled home and I questioned the motive in which i had stummbled, upon her, here, all alone... I decided to follow her into the night in hopes to grasp maybe a name, but once in the nightmare the faces were hallow, the bodies- they all looked the same... walking among them the weak,living,dead, my heart-it rapidly raced... in search of a girl who was rotten and used, whos hidden among this cold place... and thats when i smelt it, the warm summer rain, the potent and distinguished incense. And there was my goddess curled up in a ball shaking and far from content... i lifted her up and carried her off running as fast as i could, i stole her from abyss and held onto her tight to shelter her from where i stood... now she lays beside me sleeping in grace and all i can smell is the rain, my angel of ruin all covered in scars where a beautiful soul is contained.
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