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the girl can't help it, she was born to please

TEN Random Things about Me:
1: I am allergic to metal. (ex: cheap jewlery.. like my mood ring i love)
2: i'm very moody
3: i gave up my dog a year and a half ago ...
4: giving my dog away is one of my hugest regrets
5: I will never give a pet away again
6: It usually takes me a few hours to fall asleep at night
7: I used to use PcP frequently
8: I haven't used PcP in a year and a half
9: I've written tons of songs... no one will ever hear
10: I get hurt pretty easily, but say nothing.

NINE Ways To Win My Heart:
1: loving animals as much as i do
2: loving yourself
3: be hot
4: go out of your way to let me know you're thinking of me
5: play guitar [anything musical]
6: don't give up on me on days i give up on myself
7: be open, loyal and motivated/successful
8: make a differnce in the world
9: respect that i'm pretty fucking different from most people

EIGHT things I want to do before I die:
1: get married
2: get some other chick to deliver my child for me through artificial insemination with my egg and my husbands sperm.
3: get both of my tattoos covered
4: have a band
5: make a cd
6: write a book
7: save lots of animals
8: be rich so i can adopt children and give them everything their real parents couldn't.

SEVEN ways to annoy me:
1: use my perfume like tara does
2: eat the last bit of my food
3: tell me i suck when you're just jealous
4: gossip about someone i like
5: use me
6: wake me up
7: make me repeat myself

SIX things I really need to get:
1: alot of money for my kittens leg surgery
2: a lot of money for scar removal
3: a fucking shitload of money for college
4: blah
5: blah
6: blah

FIVE things I'm afraid of:
1: dying
2: other people dying
3: my pets dying
4: cancer
5: failure in my goals

FOUR favorite items in my room:
1: my guitars
2: My kurt cobain portrait
3: my blanket
4: Whiffer

THREE things I do everyday:
1: urinate
2: bath or shower
3: feed my cats and rats

TWO things I want to do right now:
1: see Christina
2: get rich

ONE confession you must make:
1: I'm insane.
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